iBooks Sale

81KX3TFsgwL._SL1500_For not real reason beyond “I can” I’ve put Love or Lust on sale for 100% off (that’s free for those who may need another cup of coffee before following maths) and Ready or Not is marked down to 99¢!  Just for today.  It ends some time tomorrow.

71jhJo-DxUL._SL1500_Other ebook stores?  No, not today anyway.  I might randomly work my way through all of them, and the sales may not be exactly the same on all (especially given some don’t allow the same sorts of sales options), but my Apple using fans have a treat this Sunday.  You’re welcome.

Why Apple first?  Possibly because I have a new Android phone (it was $20 and my Samsung flip was so old it wasn’t fully compatible with texting anymore so it seemed like a good idea at the time) and while I kind of like the hardware I want to slap whoever designed Android, so there’s possibly a subconscious impetus behind starting with Apple.  Or, I might be starting with A.  I don’t really know.  This was, frankly, a whim that came to me like 1minute ago while I was perusing Twitter.



As I sit here enjoying a bit of pizza while waiting for my power to be restored (gas stove, lights by match … modern gas oven with buttons? Not so much) I’ve hit the end of Ready or Not!!

Okay, I feel very good about what I have. I still have to give it back to my editor, though. Still … depending her own workload this could be out as early as next month, but expect April or May with June on the outside.

I’m thinking I might put Love or Lust on sale to celebrate. I’ll get back to you on that. Sales are a wretch from a cell phone and no computer at the moment.

P.s. Forgive me if my typos are worse than usual, I am using a cell phone.

iBooks freebie

Kindle may or may not join this game, I don’t control that so can’t say.

In my effort to test if Apple’s support had corrected my issue setting a sale for my book I have set a 99¢ price that is good through today.  Tomorrow the book will be free for a couple of days.  This is only on iBooks (and anyone else who elects to price match them).>

Please enjoy.

P.S.  this lovely little button below will take you directly to the book on iBooks — and soon, iTunes.


iBooks sales can happen now!

It turns out the issue I was having with setting up the labour day sale was a glitch in iTunes Connect.  C’est la vie, glitches happen in the best of software.  I’ve heard of Hello World failing to run correct for people.  Computers are semi-daemonic entities.

Well, tomorrow until Saturday Love or Lust will be $0.99 on iBookstore.  And lowered approximately the same degree in most markets.  No, it’s not free.  I might do a free weekend soon, again, for everything.  This $0.99 was an experiment so I could tell tech support if I’m still having trouble.  I’ve got an experimental free set up too, but I’m not saying when }=) Well … not yet.

This new sale is just for a few days and only on iBooks (unless Amazon notices and auto-matches).  But I promise another free that will, this time, include everyone (except Nook and Kindle, since I can’t actually force such sales with them) is coming.

And Amazon joins the fun

So, it turns out, today, that Amazon decided to price match my Labour Day weekend sale.

So!  Until they put the price back up (I’ve actually got to look up how to make sure they do that) Love or Lust is free for the Kindle!

Sharing some inspired images

Yes, I know, this is more of a Facebook thing.  Deal is, I really hate Facebook, so I visit as little as I can.  Humour me, please?  (And before anyone suggests I could’ve simply twitted these, please bear in mind that it took me over 5 minutes to find the “Post new twit” button, I’m not sure I’m up to the challenge of finding the “Post images” button on Twitter)

513_562883320436292_1603625408_n 935820_562882393769718_786888715_n 995122_10151717937911418_233504549_n 988258_598495966856893_115715352_n

Oh! IBooks is live!

I just learnt that Love or Lust has been live on iBooks for the past ten hours!

Here’s a link

I’m very happy. IBooks is my favourite ebook platform and store.

Happiness and excitement

I don’t ever have to use Microsoft Word again.  The reasons for doing so can be accomplished in Apple’s Pages.  It’s even done the way I’d long suspected:  with Sections.  It just never worked for me before.

I can’t take the credit for learning this, though.  My lovely and talented editor figured it out.  She’s even more loathe to touch Office than I am — which is to say she steadfastly will not load it for any reason whatsoever.

In other news I’ve finished my proofread.  I’ll be spending tonight and tomorrow getting the files generated and uploaded.

I’m calling the release date the 29th, though Smashwords will have it the 28th because of their insistence on putting the file up as available the moment it’s uploaded instead of — like everyone else — after you’ve had the chance to make sure everything is correct and waiting for a final, blanket SUBMIT button to be pressed.  Oy.

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And it’s done

Love or Lust is edited.  I’m giving it another read through to make sure everything reads the way I meant it to, but it’s otherwise done.

I’ve submitted a query to the last agent I’d found and was interested in submitting the story to (would have done it days ago, but didn’t see that she wanted only 3 chapters, not the entire manuscript when I’d found her before).  So this is the way it’ll work:  if I’m accepted by an agent I will discuss details with them, I still might self-publish it’ll depend on various things. I’ll keep you posted on when the book is due based on the publisher, and will (of course) post links for pre-ordering if that becomes an option.

If I am not picked up by an agent, or decide not to go with one the book will go on sale 1 June 2012, and I may elect to set up a pre-order with Apple’s iBookstore before then.

It’s always a rush to not only finish a story, but to finish putting the polish on so that it really shines.  All the little typos (theoretically, never fails you’ll find more — I swear little gremlins or imps sneak into the books at night and rearrange the print or edit the files!) are gone, the sentences clear and orderly.  Beautiful.

Part of me does wish that I were just self-publishing this and had never thought about agents and publishers, but teen romance is not sci-fi/fantasy.  I feel that, given a sensible and competent agent and publisher that there is genuinely more benefit in the long run to a contract.  I hope I won’t be proven wrong, and I wish there were some way to know for certain … but I can’t exactly put the book out now and then go hunting for a publisher — it’s possible, but tends to go rather badly.

In the mean time, Ready or Not is on a quiet little hold for another week.  I have only a chapter or two left but I want time to consider how the school year wraps up.

So … this is it, wish me luck.  I may go mad with the waiting.  I just hope it’ll be worth it.

Hurray for the little guys!

First off there’s the background, located on John Scalzi’s blog referring to a bit of drama between a woman who wrote a space opera story and a miniature’s game company detailed here.

Well, the news progresses toward better with a later entry that the EFF was getting involved.

And according to this (and a quick search of the kindle store confirmed it) the title is back up!

It’s very relieving to see that.

It’s kind of sick, and a sign of something deeply wrong with the world that Games Workshop would feel inclined to try to bully an author out of her book over a term they do not own the trademark to (they do own it for games in the US, but her book is not a game.  Even if she were selling a Warhammer40k rip off book — which she isn’t — that would be a copyright issue, not a trademark issue barring her using the Warhammer40k logo and other such things).  The closest thing to a violation she could be guilty of is IF, and as far as I understand it she does not, she were to sell a print copy of the book in the UK.

Trademark is not like copyright.  It’s not international.  People just think it is.  There’s a reason anyone can sell champaign in the US, but only vineyards in Champaign can do so in the EU.  Cheddar?  Same.  The whole thing over the iPhone in Brazil (or was it Columbia?  Some fairly large S. American country, anyhow)?  It’s all because a trademark is held in the country it was granted in and nowhere else (or in the case of the EU by the trade organisation granting it).

Trademark also only applies to that which it was granted for.  If the South American iPhone had been a children’s toy with no electronic components there may not have been a trademark suit (or there might have but it could easily have been thrown out, or have been ruled in Apple’s favour).  If I trademark a pizza and call it the Lazy Susan, the makers of the Lazy Susan couldn’t say anything — their trademark is on an inanimate object, mine would be on a food product.

Sadly, this doesn’t stop companies.  McDonald’s restaurants  so harassed the clan MacDonald that they actually changed their name to Clan Donald to shut them up!   McDonald’s couldn’t do much, they held a trademark on foods and a restaurant chain, though that did cause problems for various clan members trying to start businesses who’d simply like to use their own bloody name, to the point that the clan has this.  Or a famous golf course in Florida, whose name escapes me and far too many exist to narrow it down, but it’s named for the city it’s in/near — so too were several small mom & pop businesses.  The golf course sued, and won to make them change the name!

No, the little guys don’t always win in these situations, no matter how utterly wrong, or perfectly idiotic the claim.  Sometimes, like with the MacDonalds, they win the legal argument, but then here comes another and another and another until they get too sick of it to argue any more.

Still, we should always fight — and from what I can see the SF community did just that and in spades.  It gets things done, certainly.  I hope that the reinstatement of Ms Hogarth’s book means that her fight with Games Workshop is over.  If it’s not I hope to see the SF community continuing to help her stand up to them.  Maybe by this example other such nonsense will be given pause by companies not willing to face the hellish PR battle that is making arses of themselves in these days of the internet, or by setting up the proper legal precedent that such things will fail, and so forth.

If you’re curious about her books, they can be found here.  She’s also on Smashwords, iBookstore, and Amazon, but I’ve a low opinion of the former, no idea how to do a link to author for iBooks (only link to ISBN), and the latter are the same people who took the book down in the first place (oh!  In case you missed that part reading the other posts and articles out there:  Games Workshop only had the Kindle edition of the book’s sales dropped — the print on Amazon was left be, as well as the eBook in all other distribution channels!).