Ready or Not

Ready or Not (concept only)The story of Lauren and Salencia’s love continues in this second book in the Now & Forever series.

Lauren and Sally are 15, they’re sophomores, they’re in love, and they’re growing up. Are they ready for the simple challenges of life? For learning to drive, sex, planning their futures both in general and together, to think about careers or college, for losing someone they care about deeply – forever? Are they ready to face new experiences? To deal with foreign cultures and celebrations, travel, attending a royal ball, and more? Is Lauren ready to meet Sally’s grandparents? Is Sally ready to lose her virginity?

The girls are growing into young women. They’re on the cusp of adulthood. Life is coming at them, whether they’re ready for it, or not.

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Ready or Not

Available now for us$3.99 (and various proportionate prices in various other countries and currencies) from:


Available in print for $17.99/£10.72/€13.44


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