All of my stories, in honesty, are part of a series; it’s just how my mind works.

As of right now I’ve two series.

One is Now & Forever, a slice-of-life romantic comedy about a pair of girls attending a Catholic high school in Washington who fall in love. Some serious issues and topics are touched on, nearly impossible not to, but all-in-all it’s a lighthearted and fun story spanning the girls’ four years of high school. As of right now there is no plan to tell novel length stories beyond graduation. Anecdotal vignettes and incidental short stories about their later life? Maybe.

The other is solidly a work in progress. Two pages, an idea, and a cast list as I type this. Still Færie Patrol is a super natural adventure series I hope will be somewhat open ended. It’s a team of heroes comprised of a gay mentalist, an out of touch ghost, a vampress, a nymph and a pixie. They fight monsters in and out of fairy. This will be purely fun escapist excitement.

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