Absent-minded = ME!

Oh GOD!  I just realised I never put the sample chapters of Ready or Not up on the site!  And, if Love or Lust‘s sample is anything to go by people do like to read those before buying.

I’m terribly sorry.  I got distracted by issues with the print edition, and various things simply classified as ‘Life’.

It’ll take a little bit to get it set up in a way that doesn’t fight with WordPress, but I’ll have it up later today or sometime tomorrow.


Upadate: Sample is up.

Now this is just insulting

Below is a screenshot of a bit of comment spam that WP caught for me this morning.

This is just insulting!  Cooking video?!  Are they even trying?!  I mean Regarding Fanfic, I’m fairly certain, doesn’t contain anything that any properly written algorithm should decide is about cooking.

I mean, come on people!  If you’re going to run a scam, you’ve got to try harder!  Just a little more effort, just a little more, and that might have just about looked like a legitimate comment … to someone who wasn’t paying attention, maybe, but still.  But, no, of course not.  They have to go talking about cooking.  I don’t talk about cooking, so red flag number one.  Oh look, it’s on my fanfic policy page … duh.

I hope that computers reach the point they’re at in Jeph JacquesQuestionable Content comic soon, simply because I’d love to think that no self-respecting sentient machine would allow itself to send such insultingly undisguised nonsense.

stupid spam

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I’m a .COM

I decided, what with Love or Lust coming out by the end of the month it was a good time to register the site as it’s own domain.

To be frank, I’m still hosting off WordPress.com – it’s simpler, and I really don’t have any (current) need for any advantage I could possibly gain from a hosting service and a Wordprerss.net blog. Call it inherent laziness if you like, and you’ll be partly correct, but mostly it’s a features draw. I like features I have with the WordPress hosting that I don’t have hosting it on something else, and don’t need any of the features that I’d gain the other way.

There ought to be no need to update any RSS subscriptions or similar.

This is just going too far.

In a truly remarkable display of irony I found this comment in my spam filter today.

As you can see it was intended to show up on this earlier post.

Spammers never cease to amaze me, and that is anything but a compliment.

very stupid spam

And then silence …

Ever since the post criticising spammers, especially those who post it to forums and blog comments I’ve not gotten a single spam comment. Not one.

Normally I’d feel bad for thinking I’ve hurt their feelings in some way, but … it’s hard to hold much sympathy for the feelings of those who are obnoxious and quite often automated.

Regardless, it’s either an amazing coincidence or the spambots are getting smarter than people realise and I’ve turned them away somehow.

Curiouser and curiouser.