A Twit … in more ways than one

Murdoch is such an arse.

Rupert Murdoch thinks all Muslims should apologise for terrorism. So on behalf of white people I’d like to apologise for Rupert Murdoch.

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Now & Forever ABCs (Mlle Jeanette)

Mademoiselle Jeanette Louise Marie Deveraux née Olivier

22 June 1964
Roman Catholic

Mademoiselle Jeanette, as she insists her students call her, is a Parisian ballerina who studied at L’École de Danse de l’Opéra de Paris and performed with various ballet companies including the Opéra National de Paris until after the birth of her second child when she elected to begin teaching instead.

In the late nineties Gabriel, her husband, was offered a promotion that caused the family to locate to Tacoma. Undaunted, Mademoiselle bid adieu to her French students and had an appointment with a real estate agent to look for a location for her new school scheduled the very day after her plane landed in Seattle.

She is a quirky woman who loves to laugh and to see her students laugh. While her English is letter perfect, and if she cares to she can speak with a nearly Oxfordian English accent, she does not make the conscious effort that such a feat requires for her, and has been known to exaggerate her native Parisian accent to various levels just to see the smiles it elicits.

Hers is a repertory school, Jeanette having never lost her love of the stage, and combines her favourite class of students:  children. As a result she accepts experienced students between the ages of eight and eighteen.  Though many of her students give up dance after graduation, a fact that she is quite philosophical about, those who have gone on to careers as dance instructors or performers have been successful, a fact that she is quite proud of.

Now & Forever ABCs (Chris & Sophie)

Christopher Vincent & Sophia Eleanor Johansson

1 March 1994
Roman Catholic

Chris and Sophie are two years ahead of Lauren & Sally at Immaculate Conception, and in her Theology class.

They’re twins who bear remarkable physical similarities to one another, but almost no personality traits in common.

Both are athletic and fit.  Chris runs track, and Sophie being a tennis player (though not on the school team).  Both are fairly tall and with features classic of their Swedish ancestry.

In personalities though, the two could be no more different.  Sophie is stuck up, proud, snarky, a bit of a gossip, exceedingly fashion conscious, haughty — generally, she is not a nice person and doesn’t much care; she feels that as someone rich and beautiful that the world is laid out before her and that anyone less beautiful and with less affluent parents are lesser beings.  Chris, on the other hand, is thoughtful, kind, intelligent, gentle.  Humility isn’t exactly a trait of either twin, though Chris comes closest to expressing it — both dress in ways that make the wealth of their parents apparent, she drives a brand new BMW convertible and he a new Corvette, but Chris does try to not to use his good looks to advantage versus his sister who is willing to play the succubus to get her way.

Chris is planning to go Brown to study political science, while Sophie intends to go to school in Paris to study … mostly European men … but also classical mythology and Latin.

Nearly there!

Here I am on the eve of the 27th of November and I’m less than 2000 words away from the 50K target!  This means, theoretically, if the word count I’ve managed the past few days continues, I could finish tomorrow.

Ready or Not itself isn’t quite ready to be called done though.  Completing NaNoWriMo will put me at right around 92k – 100k words, but like with Love or Lust the final tally will probably be closer to 135k – 140k.  This story is heavier on the slice of life element and so the chapters and scenes feel a bit more glimpse in time, or anecdotal.  It’s sweet, it’s romantic, but it also has tragedy and eroticism.

I’m quite curious to see where this goes.  Especially since once I’ve found out I’ll actually know how their junior year is going to go.  Pity it’s not likely to include a week in Paris again — that was fun.  Maybe Rome or Naples next year, hmmm.

Good night all



Finally, on target

Well, still sucked into NaNoWriMo.  It’s, honestly, done me some small good.  I’ve somehow learnt how to overcome getting stuck.  Honestly, nothing for the past dozen days is anything new.  I’ve written more word count by far in less time before (one point in writing Love or Lust I’d managed something like 10,000 words in a day … despite doing things like eating, being at work, having pets to care for, and so on.  Still, a deadline that isn’t self-imposed does help encourage me to write at least a few hundred words a day.  Somehow I’ve actually accomplished it.

It was a slow start.  No words the first day, 860 the next.  As of yesterday, though, I’m on track to finish by the 30th not only by my own count, but by NaNoWriMo’s.  It’s nice the damned thing finally agrees with me.

It’s been fun, I got to take the girls to Paris.