Finally, on target

Well, still sucked into NaNoWriMo.  It’s, honestly, done me some small good.  I’ve somehow learnt how to overcome getting stuck.  Honestly, nothing for the past dozen days is anything new.  I’ve written more word count by far in less time before (one point in writing Love or Lust I’d managed something like 10,000 words in a day … despite doing things like eating, being at work, having pets to care for, and so on.  Still, a deadline that isn’t self-imposed does help encourage me to write at least a few hundred words a day.  Somehow I’ve actually accomplished it.

It was a slow start.  No words the first day, 860 the next.  As of yesterday, though, I’m on track to finish by the 30th not only by my own count, but by NaNoWriMo’s.  It’s nice the damned thing finally agrees with me.

It’s been fun, I got to take the girls to Paris.

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