Poetic Interlude

A little poetic excerpt from Ready or Not.

Into your eyes I fall;
     Lost in obsidian depths.
They capture my soul;
     I forget to breathe.

I taste your lips;
     Like nectar for the gods.
I taste your skin;
     Ambrosia was ne’er so fine.

You embrace me;
     I am yours.
You taste me;
     You enslave me.

My senses are aflame;
     In our passion, reality fades away.
Our skins touch;
     Lightning charges every nerve.

You complete me;
     I complete you.
Our bodies are one;
     Our souls unite.

I need you like breathing;
     You are my life.
Salencia, I love you;
     You are my soul.

One thought on “Poetic Interlude

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