Now & Forever ABCs (Lucas)

Doctor Lucas Garcia Conners

15 May 1966
Lutheran (ELCA)

Lucas is an N.D. and certified for surgery.  He was educated at the University of Washington and at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland.  He co-owns and operates a naturopathic, homeopathic, and acupunture clinic in downtown Seattle with Yvette.

He tends to look the part of the the hippie doctor with his long hair pulled into a ponytail, and his tendency to dress for comfort rather than professionalism.  His office is even painted in a tie-dye style.  He’s rather popular as a children’s doctor due to his colourful office, and his silly sense of humour and fun — his office is full of toys and odds and ends that he readily lets his patients play with.

In his personal life he is a devoted and loving husband and father, his entire universe revolves around Yvette, Maureen, and Lauren, and for them he would build a ladder to the moon if they took it into their heads to ask for one.

He is an equally devoted physician, taking care to remember his patients and their issues and treatments and speak directly to them rather than always consulting charts.  His memory isn’t perfect, but it’s fairly good, and he has a few magician’s tricks to give the impression it’s better than it is.  Still, he has a reputation among those who’ve met him of really getting to know them, of being willing to help them at all hours of all days, and generally treat them in a way that puts them in mind of the old country doctor in old west stories and TV shows about rural turn of the century towns.

It surprises many, especially those who know how he grew up, just how easily and quickly he took to computerised records, but it was at his suggestion and initiative that the clinic was heavily modernised with all paper records digitised, and all future records kept on computers which have been kept well up to date, though it was Yvette’s idea that the equipment in the place be updated such that all images and similar were processed to computer rather than film — Lucas has a great fondness for darkrooms and development, so hadn’t been in any hurry to modernise in that regard.

Now & Forever ABCs (Mlle Jeanette)

Mademoiselle Jeanette Louise Marie Deveraux née Olivier

22 June 1964
Roman Catholic

Mademoiselle Jeanette, as she insists her students call her, is a Parisian ballerina who studied at L’École de Danse de l’Opéra de Paris and performed with various ballet companies including the Opéra National de Paris until after the birth of her second child when she elected to begin teaching instead.

In the late nineties Gabriel, her husband, was offered a promotion that caused the family to locate to Tacoma. Undaunted, Mademoiselle bid adieu to her French students and had an appointment with a real estate agent to look for a location for her new school scheduled the very day after her plane landed in Seattle.

She is a quirky woman who loves to laugh and to see her students laugh. While her English is letter perfect, and if she cares to she can speak with a nearly Oxfordian English accent, she does not make the conscious effort that such a feat requires for her, and has been known to exaggerate her native Parisian accent to various levels just to see the smiles it elicits.

Hers is a repertory school, Jeanette having never lost her love of the stage, and combines her favourite class of students:  children. As a result she accepts experienced students between the ages of eight and eighteen.  Though many of her students give up dance after graduation, a fact that she is quite philosophical about, those who have gone on to careers as dance instructors or performers have been successful, a fact that she is quite proud of.

Now & Forever ABCs (Falcon Grove, Wa)

Okay, so I don’t have a person for F, but I do have a place and a rather important one.  So I’m going with that.

Falcon Grove, Washington, USA

Established 1863

Falcon Grove is a town outside of Tacoma, Washington by approximately 30-45 minutes, and nearly a full hour outside of most major portions of Seattle.  It’s located south and East of both cities.

It is a small town, comprising some 5000 souls, and home to two of the area’s high schools, Sam Clemens and Immaculate Conception, and home of several affluent neighbourhoods.

During the last decade of the 19th century the town was a popular place for the well to-do of the Seattle/Tacoma business elite to get away to the country, or for the especially well off to live out of the smell and bustle of the city.  The town is still filled with many rather affluent neighbourhoods, large homes, manors, and a few mansions.  Though it did also become a Mecca in parts of its history for the area middle classes looking for a quieter, more idyllic life than in the major urban centres.  As the town grew it attracted speciality shops to cater to the affluent audience — cafés, restaurants, boutiques, etc.

In present times parts of Falcon Grove run into other neighbouring communities, and several surrounding towns are indistinguishable from one another — all being primarily suburbs of the larger Tri-Cities area — and filled with, largely, upper middle class to lower upper class professionals commuting and telecommuting into their respective Redmond, Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue offices.