Now & Forever ABCs (Josie)

Josette Rachel Correa

11 October 1995
Roman Catholic

Josie is Mike’s older sister and often mistaken for his twin since the two’s birthdays place them in the same grade.  The two do get along fairly well, and are reasonably close, though there is a fair amount of fighting, disagreement, and rivalry between them.

Josie became a fast and dear friend of Allison’s almost the moment they met out of a seemingly inexhaustible supply of shared interests, and is Zach’s not-exactly girlfriend.  They started dating shortly after meeting, but refused to call themselves a couple or even agree to any degree of exclusivity.

The single interest of Josie’s that isn’t shared with Allison is a fondness for firearms, especially pistols.  She doesn’t have an extensive collection, but loves to fire them and enjoys meeting other people with the same interest — especially ones who might be persuaded to join her at the firing range.

Her dream is to be an Olympic sprinter, but she has asthma bad enough that has been dissuaded from running track competitively; she took up swimming as a therapy for her breathing — which has helped — and she’s got quite good, but is not planning to do it competitively.  Instead she is considering practising with rifles and going into competitive marksmanship.  Her only other plans involve going to Brown, and picking a major using darts (which she hastens to assure her parents is a joke, though no one’s sure it really is).

And things progress a little more

Work on Ready or Not is going well, if a bit slowly. I’ve been rather ill, and when that wasn’t sapping my creativity or leaving me with a fever too high for any kind of good sense it has left me far too tired to have much of an attention span or concentration.

Despite that I completed some research I was going to need. For that I really must thank Sister Sylvia Countess of the ELCA Deaconess Community. Without her help I’d have made a mess of things.

I hope this coming week to be in better shape to write again and get back to work on Book 2.

For those looking for news on Book 1, well, Love or Lust still is on target for an end of the year release. What month? What day? No one’s sure yet. It does take a while to edit and proofread nearly 150,000 words, after all. Still, I’m not nervous yet.