And things progress a little more

Work on Ready or Not is going well, if a bit slowly. I’ve been rather ill, and when that wasn’t sapping my creativity or leaving me with a fever too high for any kind of good sense it has left me far too tired to have much of an attention span or concentration.

Despite that I completed some research I was going to need. For that I really must thank Sister Sylvia Countess of the ELCA Deaconess Community. Without her help I’d have made a mess of things.

I hope this coming week to be in better shape to write again and get back to work on Book 2.

For those looking for news on Book 1, well, Love or Lust still is on target for an end of the year release. What month? What day? No one’s sure yet. It does take a while to edit and proofread nearly 150,000 words, after all. Still, I’m not nervous yet.

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