And less impressed with Nook

I’ve never been the world’s biggest fan of the Nook devices or apps, nor B&N‘s publisher tools (first PubIt, now NookPress) for various reasons (not the least of which is their wont to ignore their own field where one puts the ISBN of the eBook — forcing the use of a BNID) and now I’ve found a new reason:  can’t give away the book.

I’ve been looking.  Like Amazon, the lowest you can set the price is 0.99USD, but unlike Amazon there is no “Report lower price” function.

So … to my Nook using readers, you may wish to visit DriveThruFiction or Smaswhords for your free copy.

Kindle users — keep an eye on Amazon for it to go free there — but in the mean time DTF and SW will work for you as well.

Kobo and iBookers, you’ll be fine.  Albeit I, apparently, chose a bad day to think of this idea because iTunes Connect is down for maintenance.  Hopefully it will be back up in time for me to keep you guys in the sale.  If not you’ll get your days offset to Sunday – Wednesday instead of Saturday – Tuesday.  And if you really were looking forward to it on Saturday, DTF and SW options are there.  Or you can use the Kobo version, but only if you also use their app.