Ask and ye shall be answered!

I’ve always had my contact form and page and I always will.  You are more than welcome to say anything you wish to me in private.  Do be warned that if you go too far in saying anything creepy or disturbing I am also welcome to contact the FBI or Interpol, just saying.

And I’ve got my FAQ where you’re welcome to ask me things, and I’ll gladly answer them – and I’ll gladly delete anything that is naught but trolling.

There’s a third option.  Given the nature of my FAQ I’m not sure why I enabled it, possibly I just thought it’d be interesting to see if it creates a different sort of interaction.  Maybe I’m merely curious.  Maybe I just like seeing what buttons do.  Maybe it’s some or all of the above in combination.  I really couldn’t say, but I did and it’s here.

An unusal FAQ

I can’t make sense out of how to start a discussion board on Goodreads … and I’m not especially fond of the site, in any event, so would rather avoid spending a lot of time dealing with it.  BuddyPress gives my migraines — it’s right out.

So I decided that, rather than wear out my computer’s clipboard copying and pasting any emailed queries that come in, or compiling posted comments, onto some static page I’d just make a page where the comments were a self managed FAQ and discussion forum.  Seems logical enough, time will tell if I’ve crossed that fine line between brilliance and lunacy.

The FAQ is here.  And for those who’re actually looking at the site rather than an email, tumblr/twitter/facebook auto-crosspost, or RSS feed simply look up at the menu bar.  It’s right there.

Check it out.  Feel free to ask things.  I’ll answer — I might not always answer with anything other than “I didn’t know there was such a person as [Insert celebrity], so I can’t say I’ve any opinion on the dress that she wore to [place/event/planet]” but I certainly will answer, and gladly.