Ask and ye shall be answered!

I’ve always had my contact form and page and I always will.  You are more than welcome to say anything you wish to me in private.  Do be warned that if you go too far in saying anything creepy or disturbing I am also welcome to contact the FBI or Interpol, just saying.

And I’ve got my FAQ where you’re welcome to ask me things, and I’ll gladly answer them – and I’ll gladly delete anything that is naught but trolling.

There’s a third option.  Given the nature of my FAQ I’m not sure why I enabled it, possibly I just thought it’d be interesting to see if it creates a different sort of interaction.  Maybe I’m merely curious.  Maybe I just like seeing what buttons do.  Maybe it’s some or all of the above in combination.  I really couldn’t say, but I did and it’s here.

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