The Ultimate Mary Sue Test

I got to seriously thinking about some of the discussions around the internet about this movie character is or isn’t a Mary Sue, or this TV character, or this, or that, etc.

A pattern emerged quickly among the discussions that, according to these conversations, makes a Mary Sue test exceedingly short and simple.  So I present one.

The Test

Instructions:  keep 2 columns of tallies for answer a or answer b.

1) What is the character’s gender identity?

a) Male
b) Female

2) Is the character competent in more than 1 thing not traditionally a feminine role/activity/interest?

a) No
b) Yes

3) Is the character attractive?

a) No
b) Yes

Time to tally up!

For each tally in a = 0 points.  For each tally in b = 1 point


0 = Congratulations!  The character isn’t a Mary Sue!  No one will have long conversations on forums, Reddit, etc. Talking about how horribly your character is, or you are as a person.

1 = Borderline territory.  You may wish to make some changes, but you’re probably safe.  While people may accuse of your character of Sue-ism, you’ll have defenders and the likelihood of them attacking you personally is not very high.

2 = Totally a Sue.  Seriously, this character must now die a horrible death.  No one can possibly believe the story.  You are a hack writer who must be destroyed.  Shame on you.

3 = Über Sue.  The author must now die a horrible death, her pets, her children, and her car.  How dare she commit such blatant Sue-ism upon the pristine landscape of life?!

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