Sincerest apology

I’m so sorry!

For what?!  Oh gods Now & Forever is cancelled?!

No, nothing at all like that.  But related, tangentially.

(spoilerish alert)

I’ve been so stressed, busy, depressed, and just generally suffering from a case of Life (and virtually none of it in a good way, totally not fair) that I never kept my promise to post the vignette/short story of Kaede and Maureen getting engaged!

I would do that right now, but it isn’t typed nor proofread.

That, however, will be my project for the month, maybe the next couple.  It’s not so long that, if I had the time to sit down and dedicate to it exclusively (to say nothing of my editor) it would take more than a few days to a week, but that availability of time isn’t available.  So I’m going to aim for a few days to a couple of weeks to type it and then the same to edit and proofread.

Too, if it gets too close to Valentine’s Day when it’s finished I may delay it because, well, it’s hardly a perfectly happy story is it?

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