Great Idea! The Barking Lot (Doggy Parking Bays)

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Doggy Parking BaysIf you have ever wanted to go shopping but had nowhere to leave the dog, IKEA may have come up with the perfect solution.

The Swedish furniture giants have created doggy parking bays where customers can leave their pooches while they have a wander around the store.

Doggy Parking Bays

The dedicated spaces, complete with artificial grass, water bowls and a secure place to tie them, have been set up outside stores in Cologne, Germany.

It gives customers with pets a place to leave them while they negotiate their way around the furnishings shop.

Doggy Parking Bays

The company is well known for its childcare areas and even set up a special installation – complete with a flatscreen TV showing sports and computer games – for retail fatigued men in Sydney, Australia, one Father’s Day.

This latest concept, which has proved popular with social media users, is designed to stop people from leaving their dogs inside…

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