Depilatories and details of hair removal

Good advice.

Why AREN’T depilatories scented or something?!

A Transgender's Journey

Veet Veet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While I’ve known men who I envied to no end for their extraordinary lack of body hair, it’s safe to say that a lot of women who fate mixed up and dropped in a body meant for a man want/need to remove excess hair.  Nothing wrong, I suppose, if you wish to be a bearded lady, or if you’ve a fondness for hairy pits/legs/arms/etc.  Whatever makes you feel pretty is fine by me, but for me I like to look and feel smooth — though I’ve spent years letting myself have thick hair on my face, legs, etc. in an effort to, even just a little bit, feel masculine (it never really worked, I just tended to think I looked even worse … c’est la vie).  So we need to remove hair.  Probably a lot, and from awkward to shave places — to say nothing…

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