Getting better … slowly.

So it’s been a couple weeks, almost, now that I’ve been out of hospital. Yay!

Recovery is going slowly but, according to the doctor, well.

It’s been rough. Week in hospital completely unable to write between pain, drugs, tubes & wires, and other distractions or limitations (not the least of which was exhaustion, a hospital is no place to get any bloody sleep). Since then has been a mix of scatter-brains from pain drugs, and utter inability to lift my writing bag without tearing out the surgeon’s lovely handiwork.

Clearly book three was just going too smoothly for Karma’s tastes, or something. It’s also slowed down Ready or Not‘s editing since it’s no good trying to interact with my editor about what a sentence is supposed to say, as opposed to the mangled abuse of English punctuation and horrific typos on her screen when I’m having issues recalling just where I’ve placed my IQ at the moment.

Still, I’m certainly getting and feeling better. Not off the narcotic, but I am taking it far less often; I cannot carry my bag, but I can move it around a bit by the dragging method; I can carry on a coherent conversation, though I still randomly have to replace half my nouns with “thingy” and still sometimes find myself suddenly in need of a nap. I even go back to work soon … though that had to do with me convincing the doctor to release me back to my job when he wanted to keep me out for a couple more weeks, no I’m not sure how wise or sane that was … I blame the meds, even though I hadn’t taken any yet that day (I think). Oh well, cubicle work and nothing works right anyhow so what the hell, right?

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