Now & Forever ABCs (Q & R)

I knew I had no Qs, though I had considered a tongue-in-cheek post wherein I copied and pasted select bits about Queen Elizabeth II or similar.

I had, however, thought there was at least one R.  I appear to be wrong.  If there is an R, he or she was merely an extra — they’re naught, as far as the focal point of the story goes, anything but a name on some random page.

So we shall move on to the letter S.  From here things will probably run out quickly since I’m not sure there’re any Ts except Sally’s grandmother, and I know there’re no Us.  No Vs are jumping out at me, nor W, or X.  So that would mean we’re just a few people from the end.

I’ll have Sally, Sarah and whomever else it is giving me this nagging feeling I’ve left a name off a bit later.

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