Now & Forever ABCs (Falcon Grove, Wa)

Okay, so I don’t have a person for F, but I do have a place and a rather important one.  So I’m going with that.

Falcon Grove, Washington, USA

Established 1863

Falcon Grove is a town outside of Tacoma, Washington by approximately 30-45 minutes, and nearly a full hour outside of most major portions of Seattle.  It’s located south and East of both cities.

It is a small town, comprising some 5000 souls, and home to two of the area’s high schools, Sam Clemens and Immaculate Conception, and home of several affluent neighbourhoods.

During the last decade of the 19th century the town was a popular place for the well to-do of the Seattle/Tacoma business elite to get away to the country, or for the especially well off to live out of the smell and bustle of the city.  The town is still filled with many rather affluent neighbourhoods, large homes, manors, and a few mansions.  Though it did also become a Mecca in parts of its history for the area middle classes looking for a quieter, more idyllic life than in the major urban centres.  As the town grew it attracted speciality shops to cater to the affluent audience — cafés, restaurants, boutiques, etc.

In present times parts of Falcon Grove run into other neighbouring communities, and several surrounding towns are indistinguishable from one another — all being primarily suburbs of the larger Tri-Cities area — and filled with, largely, upper middle class to lower upper class professionals commuting and telecommuting into their respective Redmond, Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue offices.

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