Could someone, please, explain Pinterest to me?!

Not really, so much, the how to use it.  That, after several attempts I almost think I sort of might eventually understand on my own.  Rather, why Pinterest?!

What is the fascination with that site?

Pretty pictures?  I can sort of dig that.  I like looking at pretty pictures.  I’ve spent many an hour on Google Image Search, Creative Commons Search, and similar.  What’s so special about Pinterest?

Tumblr is a bit easier to make sense of — which is a scary thing to say:  Tumblr isn’t the most intuitive site I’ve ever used.

I just made another attempt to explore Pinterest and try to make some sort of sense of it.  Some effort to understand the appeal, the purpose, the meaning of this site.  I’ve failed.  Therefore, I ask you, my readers.  Is there some purpose in Pinterest’s existence?

Twitter I can almost fathom, I mean it’s a public IM.  Why a public IM?  No clue, but … you know … some people juggle geese.

Facebook sort of makes sense, and given some of its design eccentricities aren’t known to many of its users it’s not too hard to dig.  On paper Facebook I can see how it’d appeal to some people.  My main beef with it is almost entirely how it’s coded, laid out, and designed.

MySpace … yeah, okay, who cares, right?

But not Pinterest.  No, this one is an enigma.

4 thoughts on “Could someone, please, explain Pinterest to me?!

  1. As far as I can tell . . . well, you know how you save images you find that help you picture stuff for your books? Imagine you were doing that somewhere where you could share them with other people. That’s the only purpose I’ve been able to figure out. Instead of saving images for yourself, you pin them so others can see them too. As for why you’d want to do that . . . some people juggle geese.


  2. Everyone uses Pinterest differently. I mainly use it for inspiration and I love that I can categorize my images into boards if ever I need to refer back to any of them. I also use it to gather ideas if I’m planning an event or have a new design client. With so many social media platforms out there, it’s hard to keep track of all and WHY you even need it. I don’t really use Flickr, so Pinterest is my go-to.


  3. For some people it is a hobby.. But any social site a person uses will or can help them to push down negatives in their google search and push up strong ones.. Although this site you are talking about is not a top ranking site that google recognizes.. Linkedin google+ and word press would rank the highest.


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