Another one down

Ready or Not (concept only)Here in the wee small hours of another Hellish, Georgian, what-is-this-spring-nonsense-of-which-you-speak day I have finished writing Ready or Not!

I’m thrilled, and exhausted. This one was a lot harder to write than Love or Lust was, and I’m worried that Book 3 will be just as difficult. Book 4 I’ve very clear thoughts on, and am quite looking forward to.

Still, I think I have a handle on things. I’m going to take a bit of a rest, take time to type up what I’ve written, then let that marinate while I get some editing done to Love or Lust I discovered a particular scene needs after learning a bit more about playing guitar. When I’m done I’m going to get to work on book 3 before I start editing Ready or Not. It makes sense in the way my mind works, but I doubt very much I could explain it.

In other news I’m still waiting on word back from over half the agents I sent queries to. I suppose that’s a good thing, in that it means they’re (probably) giving my query some serious thinking about, but at the same time I kind of wish I could get one who reads the query and is all immediately “This is great! I would love to represent this story!” Sadly the opposite has been true, as three rejections came within 48hrs of being submitted. Ah well, this is a hard story to sell to mainstream, I’d probably have 6 agents offering me contracts if it were Færie Patrol I was sending out. YA Urban Fantasy is being seen as instant cash in the bank by the agents and publishers right now; everyone wants the next Twilight.

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