Progress! In the wrong story :(

Wrote two whole pages recently! More than I’ve done in … probably more than a week.

Huzzah! Go me? If it were Ready or Not I’d consider treating myself to a spot of champaign or similar. A lovely Irish coffee, maybe.

It was Færie Patrol. You know, the story I was going to write after I finish Now & Forever?

I must say, it came out well, but that’s hardly the point. I know my mind. If I let it this story will take over and Ready or Not will be stuck as it is until I finish or hit a long enough dry spell. It has happened before. Now & Forever actually did that to some other ideas I’d been working on.

Well, it can’t interrupt Love or Lust; those of you looking forward to that can breathe easier. With luck that will keep Færie Patrol from eating my brain.

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