In other news

Book 3 needs a bloody title! ūüė©

So I’ve rather got back into writing of late! It’s crazy, I don’t have a lot of time for it because of work but I’ve been getting some squeezed in, even a little at work! (Thank you tiny quiet offices!)

Sadly little of it has been book 3. Three side project quirky ‚Ķ I don’t even know what they ares ‚Ķ have been eating at my attention instead.

One is a quirky telepathic girl from another galaxy meets a young space rat (think street urchin but on starships, in spaceports, and on space stations) orphan and ‚Ķ it’s a very weird pile of twists on the old princess falls for the poor street waif sort of story. Along with a sort of reverse Cinderella or Annie if you twist your brain into a tasty pretzel ūü•®.

Another is a young half-human and half-not girl from Earth and her family fleeing the world and it’s social hostility to her existence, that of two other of their children, and none too kindly to the parents either ‚Ķ it’s poignant but it’s relatively happy and funny despite that.

And a young alien girl from an alien world joins a student exchange program by the Terran government to come to one of their worlds and attend school there for a term. I’m worried she’s going to try to start a revolution ūü§≠.

But my steam for those has waned so perhaps I can concentrate on Book 3 again soon.

I know how late it is. Exhaustion, Depression, and … Time … I work 6 days a week and at times am 13hrs or more a day spent working + commuting for said work.

But I have an interview Thursday coming for a promotion! That will mean MORE time. It’s also going to mean a chance to buy a big beautiful house (a specific one I have my eye on, to clarify), and other niceties.

And … bollox … how does one categorise and tag posts in the WordPress App these days?!

Oh found it … the the three dots, Post Settings. Makes sense.


Well, here we are, it’s December. ¬†If I were to keep to the schedule for¬†Love or Lust and¬†Ready or Not¬†I ought to be done writing Book 3 in a couple of months, and be ready to publish it this summer.

That’s not looking so likely.

It’s not impossible, but to be honest I’m not making a lot of progress in it right now. ¬†The story itself is fine, and it’ll flow and finish pretty easily, I think, but I’m having issues getting any work done on it; Life keeps getting in the way.

What about life? ¬†What could be in the way now that wasn’t for the last two books? ¬†Aspects of my job itself, the fact that I’m now forced to concentrate on finding a new job as I’ve been laid off (I’ve considered an online tip jar type service to see if my fans are interested in putting forward enough money to let writing¬†be my day job, but I’ve not clear idea how, with whom, and maybe I’m being too humble, but I just don’t think that’d work out), various factors relating to the very real chronic depression I have an on again off again issue with ‚Ķ

Excuses? ¬†Some, yes, perhaps, but authors are not machines and some things make writing entirely too difficult to concentrate on. ¬†I’m sure, if I tried, I could get a few hundred to a couple thousand words onto a page every day. ¬†That’s nothing difficult. ¬†If word count were ever my goal, I could do that easily enough in a matter of seconds with a Lorem Ipsum generator and the computer’s clipboard function. ¬†I want¬†content, words worth keeping. ¬†I’ve none in me right now. ¬†I will again, I can promise that. ¬†I still hold to my only promise regarding the release of the books: ¬†I will finish them. ¬†I can’t control disaster, I mean if Ragnarok takes place tomorrow then I can’t keep my promise ‚Äď but in my own defense, I can’t exactly plan for that so probably shouldn’t be held accountable.

The search for a new job is, so far, seeming to go well. ¬†So hopefully I’ll have that much less stress very soon. ¬†That doesn’t let me off the hook for everything, but it’s a start. ¬†Many of the more promising jobs are for more money, so there’s other stresses gone. ¬†I sincerely believe that Book 3 will be finished this year and, depending¬†when this year I finish it, published this year as well.

I understand there are people who get so upset with the likes of Patrick Rothfuss, George R R Martin, and others for long delays between books. ¬†I could never understand that. ¬†I mean, sure, I’m anxious enough to know what happens next in a series, but if I enjoyed it, it’s worth the wait for the author to make sure that what happens next is something I’ll continue to love. ¬†I found out, recently, though, that there are actually people who won’t read another author until they’ve read everything by the author they’re currently reading, and if there’s an incomplete series, they don’t read anything else while they wait for that series to wrap up. ¬†I¬†hope that was an exaggeration, but it doesn’t seem to be! ¬†That’s an obsessive disorder, like P-OCD, you might want to seek therapy if you’re like that. ¬†Really, I’m terribly sorry that Book 3 will, by all probability, not come out this summer, but no worries: ¬†lots of other great stories out there you can read in the mean time.

Personally? ¬†I do recommend¬†Game of Thrones, and my wife highly recommends¬†Name of the Wind. ¬†Sir Terry Pratchett‘s books are phenomenal. ¬†Dennis McKeirnan is another good one. ¬†A little story called¬†Black Trillium is worthwhile. ¬†For more of the sort of stuff I write uhm ‚Ķ I wouldn’t know, actually, I don’t read much romance, but you might stop by the RWA and see if they’ve any suggestions, or you could check out the various places my books are sold to peruse the “customer also bought” or “related titles” listings. ¬†Please, enjoy someone else’s work while I get things sorted out enough to give you more of mine ‚Äď it’s not a competition, I would feel rather better if you liked other people’s books too :).