Now & Forever ABCs (Hrithik & Theresa)

Hrithik Ayishah & Theresa Malena Ayishah née Feliciano

3 June 1953 & 19 October 1952

Ayyavazhi & Agnostic

Hrithik and Theresa are prolific and somewhat popular authors who spend much of their time travelling the world in various charitable causes.

Hrithik was born in Denmark to Indian immigrants, and Theresa in France to Puerto Rican immigrants.  They met while both of their families were on holiday in the Riviera.  The pair exchanged addresses and became penpals, and before long lovers, then married.

Initially the couple settled in Theresa’s home city of Riems, France.  By this point both had already written several short stories and novellas, she had two novels and he one.  They made a modest living, but Hrithik came into a sizeable inheritance, and the first novel the couple co-wrote became a bestseller.

Soon the couple were travelling the world.  Not extravagantly, though they had a fair sum to do it with, spending their time making and meeting friends abroad and seeing the world in a somewhat bohemian fashion, as well as living and working with people on the front lines of poverty, deforestation, and other causes.  To this day they spend much time reading to and helping feed poor children in third world countries and with them both writing multiple books a year under various pen names they often dedicate all rights and profits of entire titles and series to various charities.

They’ve had several children and, early on, agreed the children would be born in France and hold French citizenship — no one has ever been able to get them to say if they’re kidding or not that the reason is entirely because Theresa hates Danish foods, because it’s the only answer they ever give but never with a straight face.

(No He’s not named after this Bollywood actor — I’d chosen that name before I ever heard of the man.  Apparently he’s the only famous person named this, however, so it’s what matches for related articles)