Representation really does matter

Role models are important.

I think any character can be identified with by any reader/viewer/listener, but every now and then it’s nice to encounter one you can truly relate to on a personal level.

A Transgender's Journey

Ellen DeGeneres Ellen DeGeneres (Photo credit: ronpaulrevolt2008)

So I didn’t really have much to say last week.  Partly I was just a little down, partly I just couldn’t get any kind of thoughts in order, and finally I just don’t think I had a whole lot to say.

This time, however, yes I do.


In media, it’s safe to assume that no demographic ever looks good unless they’re children.  Look at even the old white man on Wall Street in the news — if it can be helped he’s as stereotypically rich white man as they could find.  What picture does this paint about Wall Street professionals?  Where’s the women, the non-whites, the youngins?  Go to the New York Stock Exchange, they’re there … how many?  Who cares, the point is they’re never on the news if it’s a casual story about the economy.

Nah, forget the news.  Let’s look…

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