Book 3 is going well!

At the very acute risk of jinxing myself I really have to say that Book 3 is proving loads of fun to write and is going smoothly and, relatively, quickly.  

I’m not far enough in to have a title yet; I’m not 100% sure what it’s about just yet, I’ll probably have that worked out around what will prove to be the half-way mark.

Still, if it manages to retain its smoothness and ease of writing I could actually see my way to putting it out late this year, then again I may just use the extra time for more editing passes and to get a head start on Now & Forever (what I’m currently thinking the final book’s title will be).

As with all so far this one is proving highly emotional and full of ups and downs for our lovely protagonists — and I’m only into chapter 3!  

A curiosity with this one is that, so far, the chapters have been quite shortish.  I don’t think a one will be more than 15 or 20 pages typed up; the longest is something like 11 pages written.  

In any event, keep an eye on your favourite way to keep track of me.  With anything like luck I won’t be posting any nervous breakdowns and emotional distress over the book in another couple of weeks and in a month’s time or so I’ll probably have a title and cover.

I know, I know, supposedly there’s meant to be a big deal with the whole “cover reveal” concept and making a big deal of it.  Don’t really know when/where/how that got started and don’t care.  It doesn’t interest me as a reader and doesn’t seem like a big deal as an author.  I’ll just post the cover once I’ve made it and let you all marvel at my lack of artistic skill.


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