Neil Gaiman’s Personal Library.


Not the books, have that. The place to put them, oh God! The SHELVES! They must be mine!!! And chair. Cushy nice chair would rock, too.


Neil Gaiman's Personal Library.


I want. I want with a burning, passionate, delirious desire. Right now, I’ve only got about 20 feet of books…so maybe I could possibly fill up half of one of his rows. Plus I haven’t even read all of mine. Neil Gaiman is so well-read it’s baffling. I read the First Book of the Faerie Queen this year, and it blew my mind to finally realize all the allusions to it in Stardust. Gaiman read a medieval middle-English text and then drew on it to write an insanely popular novel-turned-movie. This is why this man is my greatest literary inspiration. Gaiman and Shakespeare. The Brits know what they’re doing.

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