Now & Forever ABCs (Janet)

Janet Naomi Ramos

15 June 1994
Unitarian Universalist

Janet is a quiet, brusque young woman who generally knows what she wants and does it or gets it.  She is at the top of her class in grades, she is an accomplished pianist, practices gymnastics, and competitively figure skates.

Her tastes in clothes, music, books, and art tend to leave most people rather fazed — she doesn’t tend to strike anyone who’s heard her practising Mozart and Bach, or discussing Beethoven’s symphonies at any length, as the sort to favour bands like Apocolyptica and Rhapsody of Fire, nor does anyone who has ever heard of her accomplishments tend to picture someone whose clothes seem to come in equal measure from a normal Juniors’ department, Hot Topic, and a burlesque show’s costumer.

She’s been dating Travis since a few days after the 2009-2010 school year let out, and the two get along one moment like fire and ice, the next like fire and gasoline.

Many of her friends tend to see her as having no sense of humour.  She tells few jokes, laughs rarely — and little when she does, and often just cocks her head at other people’s jokes.  She’s a very serious person, and can be unintentionally a little rude or harsh when talking to people, except when teaching.  Part of the fees she ‘pays’ her skating, gymnastics, and piano instructors is assisting them with lessons, a task she takes to happily and with saintly patience.  Her plans include a Nobel prize in astrophysics and to run a figure skating school (her favourite among her various endeavours); she’s currently working very hard to secure a scholarship to attend MIT.

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