And now we wait …

Cover Official

Well, this is it.  As I said in my previous post I’ve submitted to a total of 18 agents and might add others over the next few days.  And that’s all I’m waiting for — the agents’ responses.  Love or Lust is now completely proofread and copy-edited.

My editor does feel that she might have missed a few commas in the course of some early chapters, so she wants to give those another glance over.  I also want to update the asterisk scene separators with fleurons.  And I will spend some time fine tuning the layout and formatting, as I wish for the book to be ready to go in early June if I haven’t heard back a positive response from the agents before then.

So final time table:

  • Between now and 1 June I will be tweaking layout and updating the sample to reflect the proofread version, adding the fleurons, and so forth.
  • Waiting.  Maddening, heartbreaking waiting.  This will be filled with much anxiety every time I check my email, and occasional bouts of disappointment as I’m bound to get more than a couple of rejection letters.

If, by 1 June I have been accepted by an agent then, as I’ve said before, I’ll keep you all updated about what the publisher is going to do and when.

If I haven’t been picked up by the first of June I’ll begin uploading the book to e-stores and will announce the date they’ll be available for purchase.

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