A sad day

Tomorrow is the last day of operation for a truly remarkable game, and some absolutely amazing characters in a wonderfully written (if not always so wonderfully edited) setting.

Soon City of Heroes will be no more.

It is a game from which I have derived many hours of fond memory and genuine enjoyment and it will be missed. My thoughts are with the developers who are without jobs; the fans who are without their second life and home where they make such a marked difference from the very first moment they log in; and to the characters whose existence will end, their long struggle to defend their city and universe lost.

I can’t help but feel ill will toward NCSoft. They are killing a profitable game but keeping games that are losing money. They are killing a game top of its genre and in the top 5 or 10 of the industry rather than accept various offers to buy – from what I’ve encountered from those In The Know the offers are turned away at the door, never negotiated, never considered. The entire way they’ve handled this shutdown was inconsiderate, ill conceived, and unprofessional. I had thought to try their Guild Wars 2 on the glowing praise for it I’ve heard, but I find myself unwilling to put faith and certainly I shan’t hand over dollars to a company such as NCSoft again.

I pray one day, legal, semi-legal, or flat out pirate the game shall rise again. It was inspired and fun.

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