Holiday: bad for word count

I had hoped to, by tonight, have built up a word count surplus to carry me through the next three days of Thanksgiving time off. This did not happen. I swear I can actually hear the progress screeching to a halt.

Last couple of days have been busy at work, coupled with a case of the blahs – one day’s being accidentally self inflicted. Who knew Nestle puts Sucralose in their hot chocolate? Drank some at work, and I’m essentially allergic in that I eat it and I get a headache at best and a migraine so bad I’m begging for a sweet reprieve in Hell. Luckily this one managed to be low enough dose to be the former.

In any event, instead of a week’s word count in a few days, I’ve gotten a single day’s count in a few days. Tomorrow is going to be spent cooking and eating, Thursday is going to be spent doing the dishes. Friday will be spent in bed, telling the universe to go away.

With luck I can get some few hundred words or so on each day to keep from falling too far behind, then get some miraculous boost Saturday and Sunday.

In any case, it’s only 15000 words in 10 days. I’m sure I’ll manage.

Good night, Happy Thanksgiving.


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