The long silence

I’ve not had a lot to say, actually.

Nothing really new in the universe of writing, no new thoughts.  I’ve got ideas for Book 3, but I still haven’t managed to get it kicked off and may not be able to do so until I have the end of Ready or Not more solidified.

I could be working on Færie Patrol, I guess, but I’m feeling a bit uninspired in that department.  Mostly, I’ve been taking a break to read, watch movies, and refuel my inspirations.  

November is coming up.  National Novel Writing Month.  I will not be participating, nor any other WriMo events from now on.  While I do feel it might have helped force me to break my writer’s block with Ready or Not, I don’t believe that the quality of the writing it resulted in was up to my personal standards.  True, it wasn’t as bad as I imagined, but I really had to make more substantial edits to it than I do to things that I let come more naturally instead of forcing.  

As the holidays approach expect fewer posts as I will probably be rather busy between writing (the cooler weather tends to inspire me better), family, etc.  Though I will probably have some holiday sales and give aways of Love or Lust so watch out for those.  

National Novel Writer’s Month

I’m going into November with an open mind on how to cure my writer’s block.

Well, almost. If you suggest note cards, outlines, and other similar nonsense I’ve a supply of crosses, stakes, and holy water laid by to deal with you.

I’ve heard of NaNoWriMo, but never really thought much of it. To each her own, kind of thing, but not my bag of chips really. How quickly I completed Love or Lust, from first spark of idea to “The End” has left me feeling that I could easily enough do 50k words in a week (I actually did something like 10k in a day in February, but it was murder on my wrists, they’ve never been the same since!). So, I’m stuck, and in a fit of “well, now what?” I decided to do this.

As I already have nearly 50K words done, I’m obviously not counting any of that word count. I’ll be doing it rebel style (I’ve never cared a lot for rules, really) and my NaNoWriMo word count is being applied to Ready or Not.

I’ll probably post occasional status updates saying how things fare.

Writer’s block of the ugliest sort

I’ve been a bit stuck in Ready or Not for awhile. Far longer than I even realised (I hate file date stamping; it’s depressing sometimes. Last time I edited the file for the book was near the beginning of September!).

Writer’s block is never fun, but it has different forms and I’ve got the one I hate the most. See, there’s the writer’s block where you’ve no idea what happens next, that’s the normal sort. The next sort is arguably not writer’s block, but I think of it as being so, and that’s where you have a brilliant idea in your mind but can’t get it to come out of your head and play nice with the written word; I’ll admit this one is pretty bad and can lead to tears and madness, but it’s still (for me) not as bad as the third and final sort. The sort to which I refer is when you know exactly what comes next, yessiree bob you do. You know lots of happening nexts. The problem is you’ve got to get the story there! Yeah, I’m stuck like that. I’m at the start of chapter nine. I need to get from the end of chapter 8 to the bits and pieces in my head. Either all of chapter 9 or its opening paragraphs need to fulfill this job. I can’t seem to manage.

In my own defense I’ve been a bit overworked at work – something that has been mercifully alleviated as of this week (and remember, buy lots of copies of my books when they’re out, and encourage your friends, family, acquaintances, enemies, and random people on the street to do the same and I could quit this silly job thing and write full time … just a thought). I’ve been ill, both actual illness and just a kind of recurring migraine I always get this time of year thanks to the horribly awful and hellish place I live (I am not a native of this place and my fondest wish is to one day be far removed from it and ne’er return again). It has all combined to leave me a bit too spaced and blah to write much of anything.

Still, things are improving so I hope to be back to work on book 2 shortly. As for Love or Lust it’s coming along well. My editor is happily devouring it and will be handing me back a copy that looks quite thoroughly bled upon in short order, at which point it should quickly find itself available for sale.

Færie Patrol still only exists as a couple of pages and a handful of concept.

Cover Art

Editing of Love or Lust continues apace.  Not as rapid a pace as I’d like, but such is life.  It’s a lot less urgent since I’ve hit a spell of writer’s block in Ready or Not, but patience isn’t always one of my greatest virtues.

I’ve a dear friend of many years who is a wonderful and talented artist who has agreed to design a cover image for me, but he is a very busy man with a business of his own (Video Game Heaven, Augusta, Ga on Peach Orchard Rd for those who’re interested.) so I’ve fired up photoshop and made a Plan B/Place Holder cover image.

Believe me, his should be better than this.  Though I am curious to know thoughts, so please answer the attached poll.

It uses this Creative Commons image.

The downside to a series

Oh my, Love or Lust is past the halfway mark in a second draft as revisions and edits get done. I swear if I find one more daft typo I’ll scream.

Anyway, this is the broad sale edit phase polishing up the story. When editor and I are happy with it then copyediting happens. Couple passes to be sure no little ugly comma splices and other grammatical gremlins are still around, then it’s off to the retailers.

The downside is this is absorbing and distracting the mental CPU cycles that might’ve been going to getting over my touch of writer’s block with Ready or Not. No I hadn’t mentioned that yet. Yeah, well, got a bit sick & work got a bit crappier and I’m a little “so … what’s next?”

It’s the worst kind too. I can see all kinda next coming up, but I got to GET THERE! Hmmm … maybe this many chapters in, it’s time to fast forward to school starting and them getting on with sophomore year.