Indie Author Land interview

header_2So today if you visit Indie Author Land you’ll find an interview of yours truly.  Though, in frank honesty, there’s nothing in that interview that the regulars here don’t already know, those newer folks can drop by there and learn a little about my book and myself.

Everyone should go there and check out the site for all the other people they’ve interviewed.  A lot of talent and amazing people out there who’ve elected to eschew the traditional publishing model and this is another avenue for finding them and learning that their work exists so that we might purchase and appreciate it.

So, go forth, enjoy.  Read.  Just don’t forget, whatever you find there and decide to buy, rate them.  From wherever you buy their book leave a rating, maybe even a review, but certainly a rating.  Even if you don’t get it on Amazon try to leave a rating there — it has profound impact on their visibility there.

UPADTE: as of right now the interview isn’t up, but neither is anything else dated 24 June.  Either they’re just this side of the international date line, or they haven’t discovered the wonders of scheduled posting (I see that their site is powered by WordPress, same as mine).  Either way, I shall recheck the site periodically and link back as soon as there’s a link to provide.

UPDATE:  Well, it’s definitely the 24th for the bloggers over at Indie Author Land — there’ve a paranormal story dated today posted now.  Not to mention the fact that I believe it is now today everywhere except the few places creeping up on tomorrow.  I’ll be contacting them shortly to find out if there has been a reschedule or other problem that I was either not contacted about, or that got eaten by my email’s spam filter.

UPDATE:  Or I could go to the site to contact them — sincerely I did believe something had gone wrong or simply been rescheduled without my knowing — and saw my lovely cover sitting there!  So, the link:

Well … that’s depressing

Well, the one star on Goodreads was updated to include a review. They posted it on Amazon too.

I must say, it’s odd to see someone posting a one star review of something they say they didn’t finish. It’s typically considered bad form – unless the review was: This book wasn’t even spell checked, it’s unreadable. Technical merit, or more to the point a lack thereof, being a quite valid exception.

Still, it’s far less that which bothers me. It’s that it criticises the story for being what I say in the blurb. There’s something troubling about this. I know I can’t expect to please everyone, but I never expected it to come in the form of a complaint that the book couldn’t be finished and the elaboration on why was that it was a love at first sight story about high school freshmen … as stated in the description.  There’s also criticism of Lauren being both gay and Christian which I cannot comment on politely so shan’t try.

I think I could have been amused, but some people have said the review was helpful, and this was one of the worst sales days since it launched.

And that’s what awaited me when I woke up this morning … on my birthday. (Really, today was my really for real birthday – I thought of putting the book on special sale or something, but thought of it too late, sorry).