A truer graphic hath never been seen

I so very much believe this.  I mean, why couldn’t a young lady wish to play with Transformers™, you a young man to play with Barbie™?

Why does the former have to mean she’s a “tom boy” or the little boy a … does anyone say ‘sissy’ anymore?

A toy is a toy.  If it makes the child happy, who cares what colour it is or what character it is?  Does it matter the child’s age or sex if they find joy in a dolly, or if they find a little pleasure in a Nerf™ gun?

Frankly the only time a toy ought to care about sex is, as the graphic says, when it’s for sex — some of those just don’t work for one set of parts or the other.

I feel kind of … professional now

Best bag in the verse Messenger bag inspired by Kaylee’s work clothes Canvas exterior with floral print interior Store strawberries, engine parts, and more $39.99

So my old way of carrying my works in progress was getting cumbersome — and old backpack with lots of pockets filled to the gills with paperclipped stacks of paper all covered in handwriting.

Today, I’ve cleaned that out and now I’ve got one of ThinkGeek‘s Firefly Kaylee-Inspired Messenger Bags.

Okay, so how does this make me feel professional?  It’s a green bag with a teddy bear (a fuzzy teddy bear, I’d like to add!) on the front.

Well, it’s the whole satchel thing isn’t it?  An artiste’s primary prop since sometime in the 19th century or so, right?  How cool is this?!

Besides, it actually, despite having fewer pockets than the backpack, should help me stay better organised.  It’ll also be less havoc on my back and shoulders — that backpack was ridiculously heavy, but it also wasn’t the best designed at coping with gravity, either.  Now, the bag itself isn’t very helpful for organisation — aforementioned lack of pockets — but its layout is very conducive to me getting things sorted out better.

One day I might even carry a laptop and a tablet in it.  That could prove interesting.

On a more serious note, this thing is less unweildy and stupidly big, much more like an over-sized handbag versus that foot and a half thick backpack, to say nothing of the fact that one makes people ask you what subjects you’re studying and the other makes them ask you what you’re working on — even with the teddy bear.

This is the first thing I’ve bought from the lovely people at ThinkGeek that wasn’t something on the order of a poster or piece of computer hardware, but if this bag is representative of the quality of the things carrying their personal label, then I do very much recommend paying them a visit.  They have other bags a bit less FireFly fan (more D&D fan, or at least the name is).

Well, I’m off to find a better way to keep track of which several inches of paper is which story/chapter.

Love to all.