Trans Day of Remembrance (belated)

So I didn’t realise yesterday was Trans Day of Remembrance. I, truth be told, thought that happened back in spring.

I haven’t seen much mention this year. I shan’t pretend I have any clue why. But so often we remember names of those we’ve lost from our community. Listing and mourning them.

Today I would like to remember the unknown. We all know that transgender folks who have never realised why they felt as they did, or who knew but could not say so, are lost to us perhaps several times every day. And it’s them I wish to specifically mourn.

No, I am hardly the only one to sat something in memory of those lost before they were ever found … but as someone who so very many times nearly became one of them I felt like focusing on them.

And … look, I haven’t it in me today to be deep. Or even rambly. Just … promise to spare a thought for those who no one ever got to meet properly.