A question about book habits

I notice I have over four dozen people following this blog, and rather a sizable traffic rate of visitors. I also notice that I’m about a week away from the “if we haven’t replied by …” date for the agents I’ve submitted queries to. Figures, this close and I find a site that may well have upped me from a dozen and a half to almost a gross options – so a little question, call it a market study.

First, don’t hit like. If I can I shall turn off the button for this post. Do, please, leave a comment (they’re moderated to block SPAM and trolls, be patient and your post will show up).

Second, I notice a number of my followers are also writers of various sorts. This means the answers to the questions coming up may benefit you as well, so spread the link, have your friends come by and comment, give the URL to the girl making your mocha if you want. The more that answer this the more data we all have.

The question (well, questions, really):

  • Do you have any tendency to buy print over ebook?
  • Do you prefer self or publishing house books? Are you indifferent?
  • Where do you buy books? Online, in a store? Which shops/e-shops do you prefer?
  • Does genre change your answer to any of this? Maybe you were thinking Westerns, but you’ll read a good Thriller if one comes your way – would you shop for it the same way?


The purpose of this? Simple, to decide if there’s any gain in waiting and to make that answer as public as I’m able to help other authors make that decision. Please, keep to the golden rule here, I really don’t wish to learn how to Ban anyone, but feel free to discuss each other’s answers.