[Weeping with joy] FINALLY!

Ready or Not (concept only)Ready or Not is available in print!

At this very specific moment only this store but it should be on Amazon by the end of the day at earliest, sometime tomorrow or Thursday at the latest.

Available to other places (BAM!, B&N, your local mom & pop’s ordering system, etc.) … well, really, they could be as early as for Amazon, but more likely they’ll start showing up around Friday and trickle in over the next week or so.

9781482631173 is the ISBN you’re asking for (yes, you can just say “Ready or Not by Jaye Em Edgecliff” or “What do you have by Jaye Em Edgecliff” or whatever, but this theoretically saves time and is really handy for putting in some search functions at some bookstores).

In any event, please enjoy.

Good news!

No, I haven’t given up writing 😉

I’ve just got full, official confirmation that an ISBN is not necessary to publish to iBookstore.

Now, as Smashwords can provide mea free ISBN, and it’s logical to HAVE an ISBN, and I no longer must deal with Smashwords’ neurotic submission process (I’m pretty sure the language I used trying to argue with that damnable meatgrinder over something once borders on mortal sin) I’ll be publishing there as well … needless to say this is looking very up for Love or Lust to be in multiple markets from day one.

Now, I did notice that the method of delivering your OWN content to iBookstore requires one to have a Mac. You COULD just use Smashwords’ (or one of several other aggregators whose names I don’t know) or you could do the highly sensible thing and buy a Mac. I truly deplore Windows and find Linux to be far too much trouble for far too little benefit.

The book is editing swiftly. It feels very slow, but that’s because it is a little long. The Valentine’s deadline has made the fascinating whooshing sound that Douglas Adams was always so fond of them making (how, you ask, as it isn’t yet 14 February … my editor would have to achieve superhuman rates of reading and error correcting to make it by that date). A more accurate measure will be forthcoming as soon as I can give one to myself I’ll pass it along to you.

Look on the bright side, the longer she takes the better edited a story you’ll get! (Yeah, I know, that’s a pretty thin consolation and it’s doing little to make me feel any better too, but REALLY, a bit more patience and you’ll have it … just don’t ask about Ready or Not)