Now & Forever ABCs (Elizabeth & Mark)

Elizabeth Nataliya Peyton née Conners &

Mark Pavel Peyton

4 February 1972 & 18 May 1962
Lutheran (ELCA)

Elizabeth is Lucas’ second youngest sister, and third youngest sibling.  She has moved onto the farm with Granny where she, her husband Mark, and their three children help take care of the place.

Liz never moved far from home, having met Mark while she was in high school, and married him shortly after graduation.  She had never had intentions to go to college, instead having hopes to open a small grocer‘s shop in Winthrop for selling local produce, maple syrups, and similar.  Mark’s brother gave them the deed to little downtown store that she could set up in as a wedding gift — he does real estate speculation for a hobby and always has several properties on hand.  The shop has stayed open, though never has it been described as thriving.

Mark has a master’s degree in English literature and teaches at the local high school.

Their three children include twin girls, Crystal Madara and Leanne Bethany, and their very young son, Alex Emanuel