Ah me, but publishing is such a slow process

I think it’s taking longer to edit the book than it did to write it.  It hasn’t, actually, not yet anyway.  Still Love or Lust is still on track to be out before Christmas, though I don’t think before Halloween.  Thanksgiving, perhaps.

Ready or Not is proving interesting.  Just got done writing a bit I didn’t see coming.  It’s proving an interesting ride to write that one.

To note Love or Lust will absolutely be available in Trade Paperback through Amazon, as well as for Kindle, and from Barnes & Noble for their Nook the day it’s published.  Apple‘s iBookstore with luck will be the same day or shortly after – but depending on various factors could take a month or two.  Same goes for getting a print copy outside of Amazon.

Why?  Going self-publish.  The big boys are impossible, and given the girl-meets-girl nature of Now & Forever, I’d be pretty well relegated to rather niche publishers whose books aren’t normally on store shelves.  Way I figure it, if I’m going to have limited distribution either way, I might as well do it myself and save myself some hassle.

Things progress

Nothing much to report in the grander universe of trying to get my work out to the universe, but Ready or Not is coming along well despite various delays for researching or dealing with this monstrously horrible summer weather (‘global warming‘s a myth’?! My arse!).

In any event barring my editor getting to the end of Love or Lust and telling me I really need to rewrite it with my head on straight, or similar I feel confident in saying we should see something out there between Halloween and Christmas.

Wish me luck.

Progress continues

Now & Forever is doing very well. Editor still has to reach Love or Lust in her pipeline and to do that whole vacation thing people do from time to time, but Book II is coming along nicely. For those who care it’s called Ready or Not. I hope, if it keeps its current pace, to be done with writing it by between Halloween and Christmas.

The blog, as you see, has had its look updated. I think it looks much prettier and … interesting this way. Hopefully you agree.

Finally, I’ve decide that, yes, my next project will be a superhero novel or series that I’ve been toying with thoughts of. No details or word count yet, but when I have have the free brain cycles for it that’s near the top of my to-do list.

Well, back to the pen.
Love to all.