Sadly, no, not really.

Love or Lust is still being edited.  It’s moving along at a good pace, but apparently I make too many tiny punctuation errors for it to go what, by strict definition, could be called fast.  They might even be small enough most people wouldn’t notice them, but between my knowing how to do some of them right (typo, inattentiveness, or messing up when changing something would be how THOSE wind up wrong) and a certain sense of:   if I’m going to go through this kind of stress I might as well make sure it’s done right, it just wouldn’t do to leave them be.

Ready or Not is stuck in too many way.  Part of it is a long series of migraines.  Creative thought and migraines just don’t happen together, full stop.  Too I keep having life interfering with it, and finally I just can’t quite get a good handle on what happens next.

I should be set for a, relatively, simultaneous release on Kobo, Nook, Kindle, print, iBooks, Smashwords, and DriveThruFiction.  ‘Relatively’ just to account for Murphy’s Law, one of them, I just know, is going to take forever to put the book up in their store in some fashion and possibly require re-upload of the file based on some error it couldn’t have just kicked back when it first scanned the file during the initial upload.

All in all, I look forward to the release.  I hope to see mountains of reviews and lots of comments about it.

I should have some previews up very soon.  I’m really just waiting to decide where to cut it off at and then I’ll put it here (first few chapters are pretty much done, so shouldn’t be too much trouble).

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