National Novel Writer’s Month

I’m going into November with an open mind on how to cure my writer’s block.

Well, almost. If you suggest note cards, outlines, and other similar nonsense I’ve a supply of crosses, stakes, and holy water laid by to deal with you.

I’ve heard of NaNoWriMo, but never really thought much of it. To each her own, kind of thing, but not my bag of chips really. How quickly I completed Love or Lust, from first spark of idea to “The End” has left me feeling that I could easily enough do 50k words in a week (I actually did something like 10k in a day in February, but it was murder on my wrists, they’ve never been the same since!). So, I’m stuck, and in a fit of “well, now what?” I decided to do this.

As I already have nearly 50K words done, I’m obviously not counting any of that word count. I’ll be doing it rebel style (I’ve never cared a lot for rules, really) and my NaNoWriMo word count is being applied to Ready or Not.

I’ll probably post occasional status updates saying how things fare.

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